Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First Daddy Daughter Date and Profesh Pictures

Ready for a little rambling?...

Today my cousin Catie (who is also one of Lex's best friends) and her other best friend Nikki came and took her to dinner after I got off work. Addi told me she wanted to go to the store for some milk and some other essentials and I said, "Sure!". 

Okay so in reality of course she didn't talk. I just wanted to go and test myself to see if I could keep her happy. I am also pretty proud to be a dad and wanted to to see how it felt to take my little girl on an outing just me and her.

First we went to Macey's and then we took Bailey on a walk. Addi insisted on sleeping in the stroller and did not mind telling me when the sun was in her eyes. After that Addi sat in her swing while I grilled up some teriyaki chicken tenders to eat for lunch tomorrow. 

Honestly I think the coolest part was the looks I got from people(and yes they might have been imagined but it was real to me). One lady I swear gave me this look like "Oooh he is brave." Then when she peeked in at Addi she got this raised eyebrow look that said, "And no pacifier? Double Brave". That is when I went "OH CRAP!!! NO PACIFIER". She ended up not needing it but it scared me nonetheless. Needless to say I will not forget that again. A couple other looks I got were like "Awww precious." and "Nice" with a telepathic thumbs up. 

Hahaha oh man... I am making a big deal out of nothing but I had a blast so I consider it a success. I guess I will have to wait till Addi is older to see if she likes it as much as I do. 

Another big adventure actually happened over the weekend. We took Addi to Sear's to get pictures. Here are some of the best ones....

That head band was not my favorite but look at that little chunk with those armpit rolls. She made it adorable!!!

Tummy Time in Dad's Hands

Glamoure shot in Mom's Hands 
(I know Glamoure is spelled wrong but it put a weird hyperlink advertisement the other way)

 Baby Prayers

The Peer Into the Distance Beauty Shot

Just how family should be

Baby Feet

and for my two personal favorites......

Baby Smiles and

 Baby Budda

Has there ever been something more awesome, more time consuming, and more worth it than this little tyke? I submit that there is not!!! (Yes I stole it from Brian Reagan for all you fans) Thanks for reading and commenting it will be fun to look back at these posts when Addi is older. I can't wait to let her see how many people have loved her since the day she was born!!!


  1. And she is so loveable! I love how she looks at me so knowingly when I talk to her. Grandma Becca

  2. I wish I had captured more memories. I loved reading about her first date with Dad. Oh the sun in her face thing is pay-back. You hated the sun in your face and were excellent at communicating that to me.