Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First Daddy Daughter Date and Profesh Pictures

Ready for a little rambling?...

Today my cousin Catie (who is also one of Lex's best friends) and her other best friend Nikki came and took her to dinner after I got off work. Addi told me she wanted to go to the store for some milk and some other essentials and I said, "Sure!". 

Okay so in reality of course she didn't talk. I just wanted to go and test myself to see if I could keep her happy. I am also pretty proud to be a dad and wanted to to see how it felt to take my little girl on an outing just me and her.

First we went to Macey's and then we took Bailey on a walk. Addi insisted on sleeping in the stroller and did not mind telling me when the sun was in her eyes. After that Addi sat in her swing while I grilled up some teriyaki chicken tenders to eat for lunch tomorrow. 

Honestly I think the coolest part was the looks I got from people(and yes they might have been imagined but it was real to me). One lady I swear gave me this look like "Oooh he is brave." Then when she peeked in at Addi she got this raised eyebrow look that said, "And no pacifier? Double Brave". That is when I went "OH CRAP!!! NO PACIFIER". She ended up not needing it but it scared me nonetheless. Needless to say I will not forget that again. A couple other looks I got were like "Awww precious." and "Nice" with a telepathic thumbs up. 

Hahaha oh man... I am making a big deal out of nothing but I had a blast so I consider it a success. I guess I will have to wait till Addi is older to see if she likes it as much as I do. 

Another big adventure actually happened over the weekend. We took Addi to Sear's to get pictures. Here are some of the best ones....

That head band was not my favorite but look at that little chunk with those armpit rolls. She made it adorable!!!

Tummy Time in Dad's Hands

Glamoure shot in Mom's Hands 
(I know Glamoure is spelled wrong but it put a weird hyperlink advertisement the other way)

 Baby Prayers

The Peer Into the Distance Beauty Shot

Just how family should be

Baby Feet

and for my two personal favorites......

Baby Smiles and

 Baby Budda

Has there ever been something more awesome, more time consuming, and more worth it than this little tyke? I submit that there is not!!! (Yes I stole it from Brian Reagan for all you fans) Thanks for reading and commenting it will be fun to look back at these posts when Addi is older. I can't wait to let her see how many people have loved her since the day she was born!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Fun Has Arrived and...

Her name is Addison Morgan Bowen and she was born on June 11, 2012 at exactly 2 pm. I am just going to post a lot of pictures cause she is so freaking cute!!!

This picture was taken about two to five minutes after she was born. The scale says 7 lbs and 9.7 ounces

Alien Face 

Old Man Face 

Alien Eyes

Monkey Face

Addi and Daddy

Addi and Mommy

Baby Foot

 So Pretty In Her Dress

These next ones are my favorite

This has been the craziest, best, most amazing thing that has ever happened. I promise you will eventually be able to read and see more about it.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Catch Up!

So the semester is over until January 9th and I have a few days so I'm gonna try to post some highlights from the past year before the new one starts. They will be kind of crazy because I still don't have tons of time but I want to make sure a few pictures make it on here.

Our Project for the Summer

Put in a tile back splash

Painted and trimmed out our cabinet doors

And refinished our counters with laminate and stainless steel sink!

Trips and The Rest

Lex took me an Aquarium and we rode the Flow Rider!

We went on some hikes and took cool photos of Bailey

We went to my parents and played in the park

We went rock climbing and listened to Bailey whine the whole time that Lexi was climbing!
She was so glad she made it back!

 We went on a not so spooky ghost tour in Park City with some good friends

 We soaked up some sun and thought about bob sledding in Park City but 80 bucks was just too much!

However the buy one pass get one free for the toboggan was just too good to pass on  

We lounged with our Kitty Cat named Chloe the Chlo Bear

And got together with some family to carve pumpkins
Can you guess what the tall guy in the middle carved? 

We had a fun Halloween

 And i wish i knew how to make a drum roll sound come in at the moment you get to this point(just make it yourself)... 

We took this picture of Lex so we can track the changes that the next 9 months will bring...

That's right she is PREGNANT!!! 
That was our year in a nutshell besides the not so glamorous parts of work and school! There were other trips that were squeezed in but unfortunately no pictures were taken.

Thanks for tuning in again to Brenns Blog...

If you would not mention to Lex about this post, because while I think she looks absolutely amazing in the last picture, she might strangle me if she knew that it made it on my blog. Thanks!!! ;-)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sad Story

Where to start this story.... Lex and I were coming back from hanging out at Becca's house and realized that we needed to drop off the blazer at the mechanic. We get to the house and Lex hops in the blazer leaving Bailey (our dog) and I to drive over to the mechanic where we would pick Lexi up. It was a perfect evening for the sunroof to be open and the windows to be down so Bailey told me to turn the music up. :-) As I did so I had the thought to grab Bailey's leash just in case she got to far out of the window.(Thanks goodness I listened to that prompting) The next thing I know I feel lots of weight on the end of the leash as Bailey falls out of the car. As i look back and realize Bailey is gone i let go of the leash, feel a thump under my rear tire, and swerve to the side of the road. As I slam the car in park(way before i came to a stop) I hear Bailey howling. Lex pulls the blazer to a stop and we rush her to the midnight(really expensive) vet which is just down the road(did I mention that they are really expensive?) Here I am feeling like an absolute loser. I mean who the heck lets thier dog fall out of the car at 50 miles an hour. We have already had quite a few expected and unexpected expenses this month and I'm just praying I didn't break her leg which would cost tons and might mean we have to put her down. As we walk in who is on shift but or good friend Kainoa Clark. He examined her and found that she had a couple lacerations but nothing serious. Since it wasn't serious the vet didn't come to see her we were charged nothing. Boy was I grateful for those little miracles. Anyway I know long boring story but here are the pictures of our damaged puppy. Sorry Bailey!!!

We put a sock over her worst laceration because it was still bleeding

She had little road rash raspberries in different spots mostly her back legs though.

This was what the sock was covering and the worst one.

Just want to say that I'm so grateful that it wasn't too serious. Hopefully the pain pills that we got from Kainoa will help her through the stiffness she will feel tomorrow. 

Sunday, May 29, 2011


So Lex and I are constantly dreaming about what we can do to fix up our little town house and carpet has been pretty close to the top of the list. We have looked quite a bit and tossed around the idea of going over our budget but just didn't feel right about it. Well we finally found carpet in our budget and we love it! It took quite a bit of work to get it here but it was well worth it. Here are some pictures of what it took to get it in.

This is our living room. Everything from upstairs was moved down and put here. The reason for the poor quality of the picture is because it was taken with the ipod since the camera was lost somewhere in this mess.
This is my amazing sister Sammy. Pretty much without her we wouldn't have been able to do it. (if you look on the floor right in front of Sam you can see how much dirt there was)
These are the worker women. Lex painted this whole room and did an awesome job while Sam and I ripped up the staples and baseboards.
That pizza along with bread-sticks (not presented in this photo) were inhaled in about ten minutes since no one had bothered to think about breakfast We ate it right on top of all the dirt that we hadn't swept up yet.(And yes I guaran-freaking-tee that underneath your carpet is just as bad!)

Chloe was in heaven as she climbed in and out and all around the old carpet; not to mention the pepperoni she got to eat from the pizza.
The stairs proved to be the biggest pain. The padding that you see there not only had to be ripped out but about 200 staples in each step had to be pulled up as well. It took FOREVER!
Thank goodness for AWESOME family!
 Chloe-bear thought that pulling all the drawers out of the dresser was great because it gave her a phenomenal place to sleep.
This is just for the before and after shot effect of the same corner. Not bad if i do say so myself.